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 Cyber War Between Pakistan And India

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PostSubject: Cyber War Between Pakistan And India   Sat 21 Aug 2010, 00:07

MUMBAI: Rajya Sabha member and industrialist Vijay Mallya's personal website has been hacked allegedly by Pakistani hackers with "dire" threats that India's cyber space was not secured being posted on it.

The liqour baron's spokesperson Prakash Mirpuri said on Sunday that a complaint in this regard would be lodged with the city police on Monday. A Pakistani flag was also depicted on the website of the chief of Kingfisher Airlines.

"Dr Mallya's website www.mallyainparliament.com has been hacked and the Pakistani flag has been placed with a dire message from an organisation known as the Pakistan Cyber Army," the spokesperson said.

"A police complaint will be filed with the cyber crime as soon as the (cyber) cell opens on Monday," he added.

Mallya said he was shocked at the defacement of his website.

"This morning when I went into my site, I was utterly shocked to see the Pakistani flag and the message," he said, adding "what was more shocking to me was to see that it was done by some Pakistani outfit."

Mallya said he will report the incident to the Union government on Monday.

The defaced site says 'Feel the Pakistan' with danger signs and adds that 'we are sleeping, not dead'

"This is a payback from Pak Cyber Army in return to the defacements of Pakistani sites! You are playing with fire!, This is not a game kids. We are warning you one last time, don't think that you are secure in this Cyber Space We will turn your Cyber Space into Hell," the site says.

'And make sure that you have someone to Cry Over because we gona literally throw you in the deep sea, Will revenge ! if any pakistani site Hacked by Indian's!' the damaged site adds.

A cyber expert says that ahead of Independence celebrations, cyber attacks on the websites of both India and Pakistan are usually noticed.

"Some websites belonging to Pakistan get defaced while some sites of India get hacked. The hackers leave their mark to show their strength. Moreover, they target well known websites so that the hackers get huge publicity," Cyber Expert Vijay
Mukhi said.

Alsalamualikum Very Happy ap soch rahy hogy k ya pata nahi kia bakwaas likhdi ha is ne Smile ya bakwas nahi its true http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Vijay-Mallyas-website-hacked-by-Pak-hackers/articleshow/6316150.cms ap ya article times of india k is link per read bhee ker skty han jo meny diya .


ya screen shot meny aj subha 11:20 per lia agar ap note kerain to is shot k right side per jahan likha ha "Mallya in Parliament on Facebook" is k nechy likha hua ha "My website - http://mallyainparliament.in/ hacked by the Pakistan Cyber Army. Shocked when I opened site to update it. Saw the Pakistan flag and threats !" Yad rahy ya vijay mallya INDIAN PARLIMENT KA 1 MEMBER ha aur kuch Websites k Mutabiq Ya duniya k Ameer Treen Logon mein bhee shamil ha khair asal bat ki taraf ata hon.

is mein koi shak nahi k hacking 1 naqabal-e-muafi jurm ha sawal ya paida hota ha k Pakistan aur India k darmayan ya Cyber war ka silsila kab kaisy shuro hua..? aaian apko thora sa is k bara mein bataon.
ya Year 2008 ki bat ha k Pakistan Govtki 1 Official Website (Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority)www.ogra.org.pkki website hack hogai jisay kuch Indian Youngsters ne hack kia jo apny aap ko HMG (Hindu Militant group) ya Gaurd Of Hindustan kehlaty thy.is hack hoi website ka screen shot nechy diya gya ha

kehty han k jo dekhny mein aur bazahir kamzoor lagta ho wo utna hi powerfull aur dangerous sabit hoskta ha to yahan bhee yehi yehi kuch hua pakistan ki is website hack hony k bad within a few days Pakistan Ki taraf se 1 HACKER GROUP PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) ne indian (Oil And natural Gas) samait 5 INDIAN Websites HAck kerli hack hony wali websites ya thee

g to ab aap samjh gaay hongy k Cyber war ka ya silsila kab aur kaisy shuro hua. INDIAN PARLIMENT K MEMBER VIJAY MALYA ki website ka hack hona isi silsilay ki 1 chalti hoi kari ha.
well, according to PROPAKISTANI (Pakistan it and telecom news) Pakistan Cyber Army ne 1 email bheji is blog k senior user ko jo same to same neechy di gai ha

"First of all why were Indian sites defaced by us?

HMG has been playing around with Pakistani communities and websites for a long time now and on the top of that they are thinking that Pakistanis can’t do anything?

LOL dude get a life. These defacement’s were not dedicated for the fame of our group name PCA. Pakistan Cyber Army this group name was created right 5 minutes before we defaced these websites. This means we don’t have any intention to spread our names nor we need to show our skill levels. This is just a matter of our nation Pakistan.

We cant stop HMG from defacing our websites … all rite go deface some more..don’t come in forums and say we are crying and can’t do anything..we don’t have time for this **** seriously.. and yea … back off.. otherwise we really need to take out some time.. and as we said before ..smoke your doors off till u burn to ashes. (no offense )

OH the defaced websites got fixed?

All the people who think that anyone can control a website permanently if you break into it.. they are wrong.. there is no such way you can control a website completely. You can put your page for a period of time , until the owner of that website sees it and because he has the hosting control he is the only real owner no matter how deep you can go into it. So it has to get back to normal page anyways. that’s why screen shots are used


LOL all the Pakistani’s should really be proud of this. First of all ..instead of bringing the site to the normal page, they are putting their messages on their own Indian websites HAHAHAHA lol anyways never mind ..

hacking a website again is not a big thing, anyone can do this if you are sure about the existence of a vulnerability in a website.

HMG hacked our oil and gas website.. that was a random act..

Our attack was planned , and dedicated to their OIL AND GAS website which makes sense plus it shows we Pakistanis can do it.

see we are white hats, don’t force us to show our black hat sides , that be really bad.



hua kuch yuon k Donon Countries k senior hackers ne 1 joint statement di jo ya thee

“Joint statement of PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) and Zombie_ksa(pakbugscrew)

PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) and Zombie_ksa (pakbugs crew) comes into friendly terms with ICW (Indian Cyber Warriors, HMG). After a meeting, all of the three groups agreed not to deface each other’s websites. It all happened when people from these groups realized that there is no use of such defacement and they should be instead involved in constructive work.

Apart from that , poor defaced organizations suffer from these activities.PCA, zombie_ksa and ICW is not responsible for the activities performed by other groups from both countries me r45c4l,on the behalf of ICW likes to make a statement that after

A series of defacing each other’s government websites, we as well as PCA and PakBugs feels that this is not going to solve any problem and the things will only gets worse. The guys from ICW, PCA and pakBugs are all very talented and instead of harming each other we can help each other to tighten the securities of our sites and servers. So after a discussion with all ICW, PCA and PakBugs members, we would like to announce that we all quite this here and we will not hack each other’s sites.

From now on if any one hacks any sites/servers or claims the hack to be done by either ICW or PCA or PakBugs, we will not be responsible for this. We all r sorry for the trouble and inconvenience caused by all of us

with regards,

PCA Team, PakBugs and Team ICW “

I am hoping same spirit would be shown by our politicians to draw peace in the region."

G to i m sorry apka kafi waqt waste kia aj bahar hal itni lambi post ka maqsad sirf ya batana tha k abhee hum mein kuch muhebb-e-watan maujood han hamain aisy he muhebb-e-watan logon ki zaroorat ha jo watan per aanch bardasht na kerskain i hope you will like this post meny sara data ikttha ker k isay merge ker k apk samny rakhdiya

Proud Pakistani
"Think 100 times before you take a decision, But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man" (Muhammad Ali Jinnah)


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User ID : 1616167
Chat Room : Pakistan Zindabad
Posts : 284
Join date : 04.09.2009
Age : 28
Location : Sargodha(Punjab)

PostSubject: Re: Cyber War Between Pakistan And India   Sat 21 Aug 2010, 00:40

sirf yahin pe bat khatam nahi bal k 1 Saudi Based Pakistani hackers bhee action mein agaay Very Happy un ki statement k mutabiq "
We managed to hack very secure and sensitive websites of India as well. These include CID site of Andhra Pradesh www.cidap.gov.in , Bank Of Baroda bankofbaroda.com - One Of The BiGGest Bank Of India ! ! And aponline.gov.in

agar ap gaur karain to last wali image jo Indian CID ki hacked website ki ha usmein top 10 Criminals k name hi change ker diay gaay han Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

agar abhee bhee aap waily han aur mazeed parhna chahty han to phir india ki Famous News Site Rediff ka ya article read ker lain jo neechy diya ha

"The alleged hacking of industralist Vijay Mallya's [ Images ] website by the Pakistan Cyber Army indicates that the cyber wars between the two counties is on the rise, reports Vicky Nanjappa.

Cyber security experts are of the opinion that such instances will only escalate further, and India [ Images ] will soon find itself on the defensive since it does not have a dedicated agency to counter such attacks.

Indian agencies say that they have always been warning that the next war on terrorism would be on the cyber space since India does not have a proper system to guard it cyber assets.

A cyber war with India commenced in the year 1998 when the nuclear tests in Pokhran were conducted. Minutes after India announced that it had conducted the tests, a group called Milworm hacked into the Bhabha Atomic Research centre website and posted some anti-India messages.

It continued during the Kargil [ Images ] war when a group of hackers from Pakistan hacked into the website www.armyinkashmir.com and posted pictures of atrocities allegedly by the Indian troops.

Pakistan today has three very crucial groups, which are dedicated to hack into Indian sites: The Pakistan Hackers Club, G Force and now the Pakistan Cyber Army.

The most prominent among them is the Pakistan Hackers Club which works specifically for the cause of Kashmir [ Images ] and Palestine. During the Kargil war and the time when India tested its nuclear weapons, both these groups concentrated a lot on India.

However, both these groups have been focusing more on the United States and Israeli establishments lately and reports suggest that they have managed to deface over 215 sites till date.

India started to hit back only in 2000 through a group called the Patriotic Indians. They allegedly defaced websites of the Pakistani government.

However, statistics available show that the ratio of hacking between the two is wide. Pakistan-based hackers have defaced Indian sites nearly 180 times in comparison to the 23 times by the Indian hackers.

The Pakistan Cyber Army was established after some Indian hackers allegedly defaced the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority website of Pakistan.

The claim of the PCA was that some Indian hackers were using abusive language against their country on Pakistani blogs by hacking into them.

They hit back by defacing the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation website and they said that this was done in response to the OGRA website's hacking. Today the same group has hacked into the site belonging to Vijay Mallya.

Cyber security experts say Pakistan has beaten India in this game since the hackers there enjoy the patronage of the security establishment and are a more dedicated group.

The hackers in Pakistan have formed a group and dedicated themselves only for this work, while in India it is most of the time a solo operation and there is no patronage by the security establishment.

Indian security agencies say these Pakistan-based hackers are encouraged by the Pakistni spy agency Inter Services Intelligence, something that the Indian counterparts don't do.

In India, there are a pack of hackers who are more into counterattack, but they are most of the time solo. Moreover, another key difference is that the cyber war from Pakistan is official whereas in India it is not.

Pavan Duggal, an expert on cyber law, told rediff.com that there have been undercurrents on this front for quite sometime now.

"There have been peak and low points of such cyber wars and it usually escalates at the time of war of political developments. The idea of the people from across the border is to create instability by defacing Indian websites," Duggal said.

"Moreover, if you notice that they have been attacking important sites only to show that if websites owned by powerful persons can be hacked, then the entire establishment is weak," he added.

"It is high time that India puts in place a dedicated cyber army to protect the sovereign rights of India in cyber space. We do not have a dedicated cyber army which could work constructively to ward off external threats on our cyber space. There is a political will but no action. We need to take a step further to ensure pro-active preservation of our cyber security and it needs to be government sponsored since today our cyber space is extremely vulnerable," he said.

G to dear readers dekha apne k Kitna khofzada ha humse aur dekha k hamain is war mein bhee Bartari hasil ha Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy aur ya bhee dekha apne k jahan unhy kuch samjh nahi aya wahan unhon ne pakistan pe ilzaam bhee laga diay


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Location : Pakistan

PostSubject: Re: Cyber War Between Pakistan And India   Mon 20 Sep 2010, 05:46

Globle war Very Happy Pakistan zindabad
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PostSubject: Re: Cyber War Between Pakistan And India   Mon 20 Sep 2010, 06:24

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PostSubject: Re: Cyber War Between Pakistan And India   

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Cyber War Between Pakistan And India
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